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Business Information

July 2012 
Train sand box filling is a vital safety issue
The re-filling of sand boxes or hoppers on trains and trams is an important factor to ensure the correct operation of the vehicle’s braking system and to assist with traction when there is slippy track conditions. [...more]
March 2008 
Fibrominn-Turkey litter takes off
Fairfield supplied and designed the material handling equipment for the Fibrominn waste to energy plant in Minnesota - the first of its kind in the nation. [...more]
October 2007 
Materials Handling for Unconventional Fuels - Power Engineering Oct 2007
Power Engineering article by Simon Shipp and Ralph Harris talking about the challenges of handling biomass fuels and how Fairfield can address those challenges [...more]
August 2007 
HgCapital sells Schenck Process to Industri Kapital
Schenck Process, parent of Stock Fairfield and Stock Equipment Company, has been sold by HgCapital and purchased by Industri Kapital [...more]
March 2007 
Stock Purchases Fairfield
Stock Equipment Purchases Fairfield Engineering Parts Company LLC [...more]
June 2006 
Schenck Process announces acquisition of Stock Equipment Company
Schenck Process announces agreement on the acquisition of Stock Equipment Company ("Stock"). This acquisition further strengthens the position of Schenck Process as the leading global supplier of weighing, feeding, screening and automation solutions throughout the process industries. [...more]

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